As one of the top roofers in fife, we’re frequently hearing questions regarding roofing. Our objective at Pitch Perfect Roofings is to instruct Fife local roofers on all that there is to think about a roof replacement. These are a part of the 5 most regular questions we hear for roof replacements.

In this article you will come across various kinds of frequently asked questions that are answered by expert roofers in Perth. Have a look!

Question #1: Can a new roof be installed in the winter?

The most famous season for roof replacement is spring and pre-winter, but wintertime fills in too. Some expert roofers in Livingston know how to install another roof without getting damaged from cold temperatures. If you’re considering replacing a roof this year, this is an ideal opportunity to plan a replacement before the late spring starts.

Question #2: What should I replace? Shingles or the entire roofing system.

A roof comprises more than a layer of shingles. Replacing the whole system, which includes the materials underneath, is the best course for upgrading the roof’s presentation:

Roofers in fife create a seal to impede water from weak spaces of the roof like the valleys and stacks.

• Engineered roof deck insurance

Provides a second layer of security to guard against roof decay.

• Starter strip shingles

Prevents shingles from brushing off the roof.

• Lifetime shingles

Top-of-the-line shingles that are intended to endure forever and offer the best benefit. Excellent black-top roofing can yield a profit from speculation of 65.8%.

• Ventilation

Ventilation is vital for the soundness of a roofing framework. Without a satisfactory wind stream, energy bills can skyrocket and roof shingles can get damagedduring warm climates.


Question #3: When is it the right time to replace my roof?

Understanding when to replace a roof is one of the most mainstream questions asked by roofers in St Andrews. There are a few key signs that show roof replacement is required, for example:


• Kicking and twisting shingles

Kicked shingles happen when dampness in the storage room space makes nails push strange and slacken the shingle. This trade-off the shingles’ presentation and opens the roof to the components, which can bring about releases and surprisingly more dampness.

• Green growth development

Microbes from green development eat through the shingles, particularly if they are minimal effort shingles that are made basically of limestone. As indicated by the Department of Energy, cool roofs are more powerless to green growth development, if any roof tone can encounter green growth development.

• Missing granules

Black-top roofing shingles consist of little granules. At the point when these granules come free, it can affect the shingles’ presentation. You can find missing grinds by searching for sections in the drain system.

• Missing shingles

Roofers in Livingston are profoundly talented at roofing installation and keeping shingles set up. In any case, these can blow away in the breeze or become free as they age. Missing shingles can allow water into the home.

• Form in the storage room

This is quite possibly the most unsettling part of roof replacement. Shape structures in regions, for example, the crossbeam radiates and the pressed wood on the underside of the roof.

Question #4: Will a new roof lower my energy bills?

If your roof is old and failing to meet expectations, roof replacement can help lower energy bills. It’s optimal that the upper room stays near the external temperature, however overheating throughout the late spring is an indication of insufficient ventilation. This can simply make the HVAC work excessively. Another roof brings down energy bills with ventilation and sound materials that prevents water leakage.

Question #5: What kind of investment is a new roof?

Quality roofing is one of the top ROI renovating projects in New England. New roof establishment includes:

  • Expanded control claim with changing shingle colors that add profundity to the home.
  • Improved home estimation with 60%+ ROI.
  • Potential energy reserve funds with proficient roof establishment and loft ventilation.
  • Ice dam anticipation in the colder time of year.
  • Quality roofing replacement is intended to keep going for a lifetime