A leaking metal roof can cause great damage to your structure. It’s important that you don’t leave your metal roof unchecked. That is why you need to hire professional roofers in Perth for new roof installation and metal roof repairs.  

If your metal roof is leaking, there might be a couple of reasons why. Continue to read how to spot (and fix) your leaking metal roof.  

Why metal roof leaks?


Metal roofing is made of copper, aluminum, zinc or one of three varieties of steel, and can come in different choices of roofing systems, similar to a standing crease metal roof.

Under ideal conditions, your metal roofing will not need a lot ofmaintenance or even replacement. With painted metal roofing, you can anticipate that its lifespan should be somewhere in the range of  40 and 70 years with practically no issue.

If you end up with a leaking roof, it is important to understand that the reason isn’t the kind of metal you’ve picked or the quality. The issue can ordinarily be followed back to the installation.

How about we find the basic reasons for a leaking metal roof, and how you can help fix these issues with a trusted roofer in Perth.

Water Movement

If your metal roof is leaking, it could have something to do with ongoing patch repairs. The plan of the roofing system needs to take into consideration water to stream off effectively, and if you’ve had any interwoven done to fix openings, they could be to blame.

If the materials used to fix up your roof don’t take into consideration appropriate stretching, it will make the water pool up and stall out around there. Continuously ensure that the materials being used to fix your roof are adaptable. That way they’ll move alongside the remainder of the metal framing.


Fastener Issues

The metal framing on your roofing system is joined by one of two different kinds of clasp:

  • clasps
  • elastic washer washers

The clasps attach in a manner that covers the metal crease laps. They ordinarily include a sealant (like acrylic and urethane) to tie the metal framing of the whole roof together.

Clasps with elastic washers are self-penetrating and can be assembled as close as each two square feet. By placing them in closeness, the crease laps of the metal framing are held without the extra need of a sealant or butyl tape.

Over the long run, these clasp can run out, leaving openings or holes in the metal crease laps, which can allow water in and makes ready for different issues as it were.

Missing Parts


Steady high breezes, garbage and even decay can make bits of your metal roof tumble off. When you have other primarily basic parts that are inadequately installed, you risk water interruption and leaks.

For instance, if your pipes, vents or HVAC controls aren’t installed with the right materials and sealants, they’ll fall to pieces

Surface Rust

Rust is a typical response when metal is presented to the components. If you notice rust on your metal roofing, address it right away. Rust left unattended will spread and cause damage. The covering will start to strip, the metal will start to scale, and in the end, it’ll consume the metal causing openings.

Holes and Punctures

Rust isn’t the lone thing that can cause openings in your metal roofing system. Damage, like openings and penetrations, is frequently because of pedestrian activity including the movement of heavy articles.

For instance, installing a HVAC unit can cause some lovely damage. Central air units are very substantial, and installing one of them across a metal board roof will bring about scratches, marks and penetrations.

Metal Roof Leaking? Hire a Roofer You Can Trust

A leaking metal roof is no joke. It can set you back a ton of cash in primary damage and repairs, and it might even result in another metal roof. It’s also the exact opposite thing you need to manage, particularly if you’re maintaining a business or rely upon the space throughout each and every day.

Having a roofer in Perth you can trust is important while getting (or repairing) a metal roof. If you’re managing a leaking metal roof and are needing roof upkeep or roof replacement, contact Pitch Perfect Roofing.